Workers Comp


Workers’ Compensation

Melander Sports Medicine is focused on assisting you in returning to work in a safe and timely manner. You will receive a thorough evaluation and diagnosis prior to treatment.

Dr. Melander is a top workers’ compensation orthopedic surgeon in the St. Louis area. Dr. Melander and his staff provide expert medical diagnoses and prompt treatment. His depth of experience utilizing progressive protocols in treating work-related injuries will allow you to resume working as promptly and prudently possible.

Because we understand the urgency typically involved in workers’ compensation cases, our team processes paperwork efficiently and expedites communications with insurance case managers and adjusters. The entire Melander Sports Medicine staff prides themselves on effective communication throughout all workers’ compensation cases.

For more information or to schedule an immediate appointment, please contact our Workers’ Compensation Hotline at (314) 315-2051.

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