National Athletic Training Month 2020

March is National Athletic Training Month

We are proud to have not one, but two athletic trainers in our office and we are celebrating them and their profession this month!

What is an Athletic Trainer (AT)?

An athletic trainer is not to be confused with a “trainer.” They are two very different professions. Athletic trainers are required to have a Master’s degree from an accredited university, a Board certification, and a state license for the state they practice in. On an annual basis, they are required to complete continuing education credits to stay current on best medical practices. They practice under the supervision of a physician in a variety of settings included but not limited to high schools, colleges, club and professional sports, hospitals, doctor’s offices, industrial settings, corporate settings and within the military.

Athletic trainers prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries for patients of all activity levels in the interest of keeping an active population safe and healthy.

Athletic Trainers Impact Health Care through Action

Every year the National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA) creates a theme for athletic training month in March and this year’s theme is “Athletic Trainers Impact Health Care Through Action.”

Together with physicians, coaches, school administrators, military leaders, government officials, performing arts organizations, and legislators; athletic trainers are impacting change in health care. The future of healthcare requires action not only after an injury occurs but prior to and during injury as well. Athletic Trainers reshape how injuries are treated and prevented in their current practice.

We are honored to have both Emily and Heather in the office assisting our patients in their prospective positions. If you see them in the office be sure to say hello and always feel free to inquire more about their profession. They are both advocates of the athletic training profession and the impact they have on health care.

To learn more about athletic trainers and National Athletic Training month visit 

Happy National Athletic Training Month!

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